Top 10 Most Trusted and Loved Online Schools in France

Most Trusted and Loved Online Schools in France!

Top 10 Most Trusted and Loved Online Schools in France

Top 10 Most Trusted and Loved Online Schools in France

One of the largest countries in Western Europe, France is known for its breathtaking landscapes, towering mountain ranges, and highly centralized national education system. Today, this agricultural epicenter of Europe also embraces many alternative educational opportunities for students.

For obvious reasons like flexibility, course choices, and safe learning opportunities, online learning is an essential part of the educational ecosystem in France. You can readily find some great online schools and homeschooling choices at par with the best American Schools. Before we discuss the best choices for online education in France, here’s a look at some facts:

  • In 2024, the online education market in France was estimated to reach a mark of US$ 799.90m. This growth trend is further expected to touch a mark of 919.20m by the year 2029 (with a CAGR of 2.82%)- as depicted in Figure 1.
  • By the year 2020, 29% of the users in France with a high degree of formal education accessed online learning content (Figure 2).
Online education market projections in France | Online schools in France
Percentage of Users accessing online content as their Degree of Formal Education

Top 10 Online Schools in France

International-Schooling-K12-Online-School | Top 10 schools in Germany

1. International Schooling


For online schooling in France, you can certainly choose International Schooling. This Cognia-accredited online school offers a perfect mix of courses with affordable payment options for both traditional and non-traditional students.

Enrolling in one of its holistic schooling programs guarantees a superlative virtual schooling experience incorporating the best elements of an American school program.

The school motto “Changing Lives for the Best” has seamlessly cascaded into the lives of several students who seek the best schooling opportunities beyond traditional institutions. Choose from over 500 courses, get personalized support, and enjoy extra-curricular activities from the comfort of your home. International Schooling has all this and more.

Accreditation Details – Got accredited by Cognia on 18th June’2017

Curriculum – American Curriculum

Programs Offered- Online elementary school (kindergarten to grade 5), online middle school (grades 6 to 8), online high school (grades 9 to 12), advanced placement, credit recovery, Flexy program, and program for adult learners

Fees – Starts from $1700 (one-time payment for elementary school). Please refer to this page for other details on fees.

Website –

Features/USPs- Affordable fee structure, options to choose group learning or one-to-one classes with flexible timings, attractive discounts in one-time payment plans.

Visit our complete review page for a detailed analysis of its program features, reviews, and fee structure.

KIngs Inter high school | top virutal school in Germany

2. King's InterHigh


If you wish to avail the benefits of online education, King’s InterHigh is another great pick for you. This institution offers excellent support for online homeschooling in France. Students can take up their full online curriculum or a subject package (3 subjects for any age group) at per convenience. King’s InterHigh truly matches the standards of the top international online schools k 12. Students who wish to enroll in their full online curriculum can enroll at any time of the year. King’s Interhigh is ranked 2 in the list of top 10 Online Schools In France.

Accreditation Details – Cambridge International School and International Baccalaureate

Curriculum – British Curriculum

Programs Offered- UK curriculum for primary level (7 to 11 years), and secondary levels (11 to 14 years). IGCSE for students between 14 to 16 years, and A level for 16 to 18 years of age.

Fees – £1058.33 for a 7-subject pack for the primary level. Kindly refer to their fee calculator for more details.

Website –

Features/USPs- Live and recorded sessions, flexible learning, qualified teachers, and better academic options for online schooling in France.

Visit our complete review page for a detailed analysis of its program features, reviews, and fee structure.

3. Minerva's Virtual Academy


Envisioned with the idea of flexible online homeschooling, Minerva’s Virtual Academy is an acclaimed institution that offers programs at par with the top American online high schools. Students can take up world-class programs and experience a deep sense of community with the institution’s carefully planned approach. For alternative education or the experience of an American School Program, you can certainly consider their personalized learning programs. MVA believes in getting the basics right and offers a Wellbeing program for students to promote good physical and mental health.

Accreditation Details – Cambridge International accreditation (at par with best international online school accreditation)

Curriculum – MVA curriculum

Programs Offered- Middle School (11 to 13 years), year 9 (14 years), Senior school (15 and 16 years), Sixth Form (17 and 18 years)

Fees – £7645 per student (for 2023/24) and £7995 from September’24 onwards

Website –

Features/USPs- Award-winning independent online school, and Wellbeing programme

4. Inventum International Online School


Online homeschooling in France is also possible by enrolling in Inventum International Online School. This prestigious institution accepts enrollments from all parts of the world. However, you need to have a good level of English to access its educational programs. Like most online schools high school, this institution believes in reaching out to a wider student base. For this, they do not follow a rigorous academic selection process. And support students by catering to their individual learning preferences.

Accreditation Details – Council of International Schools (CIS) and Council of British International Schools (COBIS), a registered Cambridge Examination Centre

Curriculum – Cambridge Curriculum

Programs Offered- Middle school (11 to 13 years), Cambridge Secondary school (14 to 16 years), AS and A levels (16 to 18 years)

Fees – The fee structure starts from €550 per subject annually (tier 1 middle school)

Website –

Features/USPs- A subsidiary of the International School of Flanders (ISF) in Brussels and Belgium. Serving expat families for over 25 years.

Visit our complete review page for a detailed analysis of its program features, reviews, and fee structure.

Avenues logo | Top 10 online School in France

5. Avenues: The World School, Online


On the lines of the top American Online Schools offering an Online High School Diploma, Avenues, The World School is a superior platform for online education across all age groups. You can do away with the constraints of a physical school. And thrive seamlessly under the guidance of their teaching faculty. Their ‘Online’ wing is open to students across many nationalities. And the admission process is based on student interviews and project-based assessments. You can check this page for more details of their admission process.

Fees: The annual tuition fees for the course is between $3,500- $5,000.
(about 6313 DEM-  9019 DEM )

Accreditation Details – New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and recognized as an Apple Distinguished School

Curriculum – Avenues Online Curriculum

Programs Offered- Lower division (toddler to grade 5), and upper division (grades 6 to 12)

Fees – Ranges from USD 7,500 – 37,400. Below is the income-wise fee estimation (for the academic year 2023-24).

Income (in USD)Tuition Estimation (in USD)
Less than $ 110,000$ 7,500 – 8,000
$ 110,000 – 170,000$ 8,000 – 13,670
$ 170,000 – 230,000$ 13,670 – 21,050
$ 230,000 – 290,000$ 21,050 – 31,320
$ 290,000 – 350,000$ 31,320 – 37,400
$ 350,000 and above$37,400

 Website –

Features/USPs- 1:1 instruction, college counseling, and flexible learning

Visit our complete review page for a detailed analysis of its program features, reviews, and fee structure.

The Forest School Logo | Top 10 Schools in France

6. The Forest School Online


Another name that stands out amongst the best international online schools k 12 is The Forest School Online. Based on the idea of creating ‘Signature Learning Experiences’, this unique school reimagines the role of a teacher as a guide to facilitate learning. Do consider this option for online homeschooling in France.

Approach followed by online schools in France

Accreditation Details –ACS WASC and the Georgia Accrediting Commission

Curriculum – Forest Online School Curriculum

Programs Offered- Middle school studio (grades 5 to 8), high school studio (grades 9 to 12)  

Fees – Annual tuition fee is $11,805

Website –

Features/USPs- Highly student-centric, based on problem-solving and real-world experiences. Teachers are guides throughout the learning process.

Visit our complete review page for a detailed analysis of its program features, reviews, and fee structure.

Crimson Global Academy | Best online school in France

7. Crimson Global Academy


You can also earn an online high school diploma by choosing Crimson Global Academy. This prestigious institution is ideal for online schooling in France, as its meticulously designed programs create a seamless academic journey for all students virtually. The school’s highlight is its 1:1 instruction model under the Da Vinci program.

Accreditation Details – Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Pearson Edexcel, and Cambridge Assessment

Curriculum – Pearson Edexcel iLower Secondary, Pearson Edexcel International GCSE and Pearson Edexcel International A- Levels

Programs Offered- iPrimary Stage 1 (grades 3 to 5), iPrimary Stage 2 (grades 5 to 6), Pre IG (between 12 to 15 years), CGA Da Vinci Program (between 8 to 18 years), advanced placement, and CGA Flex

Fees – Their per-subject fee starts from $3,100, and the full-time fee is $17,100

Website –

Features/USPs- Acknowledged as the 3rd best online school, 25th best private school in America, finalist in the world’s best school prize for innovation 

Visit our complete review page for a detailed analysis of its program features, reviews, and fee structure.

8. Spark Generation


The best quality online education is now more affordable and accessible with the accredited programs by Spark Generation. This pioneer institution creates a unique blend of future readiness, well-being, and rigorous academic learning. If you are looking for a school beyond the network of American Schools, do get in touch with the authorities of this school.

Accreditation Details – Cambridge International

Curriculum – Cambridge Curriculum

Programs Offered- Cambridge IGCSE, AS-level, and A2 level

Fees – For 3 core subjects with tutors (+ 5 self-paced) you need to pay 4,850 €/year for 3 core subjects

Website –

Features/USPs- Flexible educational model, innovative approach towards teaching and learning. Caters to age groups between 13 and 19 years


9. Gravitas: A Global Extension of The Stony Brook School


For a schooling experience that matches the best in class international online schools k 12, you must consider Gravitas: A Global Extension of The Stony Brook School. This institution has a dedicated Online wing that offers an array of options for students across middle and high school levels. You can get in touch with their academic team to know if they can be your ideal pick amongst the other online schools high schools.

Accreditation Details – State University of New York and Middle States Association of Schools

Curriculum – The Stony Brook School curriculum (exclusively created for online learning)

Programs Offered- Middle School, and high school, Honors, AP prep, and dual credit College-Level versions

Fees – You need to pay $34,800 for their Full-Time Diploma Program

Website –

Features/USPs- Intensive courses can be completed by devoting only 3 hours in a day. Their curriculum focuses on building thinking and reasoning abilities

Pearson logo | top virtual schools in Germany

10. Pearson Online Academy


Our last pick for online homeschooling in France, you can connect with Pearson Online Academy. This one is among the top-rated online schools for students with great hands-on instructional resources under a well-rounded core curriculum. Do consider this one for the best quality online education.

Accreditation Details – SACS CASI, MSA, NWAC, and NCA CASI

Curriculum – Connections Academy’s award-winning curriculum

Programs Offered- Elementary, Middle, High, Part-time, College Career Prep, Summer School

Fees – Please refer to the table below:

Elementary (Grade K–5)$5,280$5,016
Middle (Grade 6–8)$6,900$6,555
High School (Grade 9–12)$8,050$7,648

Website –

Features/USPs- High educational standards as per the industry’s best practices, personalized approach, excellent teacher support

Visit our complete review page for a detailed analysis of its program features, reviews, and fee structure..

Frequently Asked Questions

Broadly, homeschooling is not allowed in France. And parents need to seek prior permission for any home-based education choice. However, expat families planning to switch to American online high schools do choose online schools for their children

2. Are online schools harder to learn from?

Online school programs offer the same curriculum as traditional schools. Hence, they are not necessarily more difficult to graduate from. However, when considering self-paced, flexible schooling programs, it can be difficult to complete the course in a limited amount of time when stacked up due to inconsistent study patterns of a student.

In the past few years, homeschooling has been a growing trend in France with almost 60,000 homeschooled students (by the year 2021).

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