iCADEMY Middle East is an American online school for grades Kindergarten to 12. It is a part of ‘Pansophic Learning’ (a US-based international education company). Based in Dubai, this school served over 4000 students since the year 2007. It also has more than 50 online teachers.

Their Middle East model is quite suitable for all types of non-traditional students. However, enrollments are open for all types of students worldwide.

Accreditation and Recognition

iCADEMY Middle East is an accredited institution. It has earned accreditation through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). It is also a  KHDA (The Knowledge and Human Development Authority) licensed & approved online school in the GCC.

School accreditation is important because it ensures students and parents that the academic credentials offered by the institution are recognized and accepted by colleges, universities, and companies/employers.

Features and Offerings:

Here’s a look at the level-wise programs available at iCademy:

Lower School K-5

The school offers an academic program to engage young students and help them to achieve their developmental milestones. Both live and recorded classes are available for students. Courses include Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  

Elementary School

Students study 4 core subjects, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.  At each grade, students also have access to Music, World Languages, and Art courses.

Middle School

This level includes advanced concepts in core subjects (like Pre-Algebra, American History, and English). Students are supported by an academic coach throughout the academic year.

High School

For a High School Diploma, students need to earn 24 credits. the course curriculum has 150 choices. These include Honors, Core, Comprehensive, World Languages, and Advanced Placement options. Like any other virtual high school, iCADEMY too expects students to be more independent and capable of managing their time at this level. The role of a learning coach is also crucial at this stage to build career readiness and skillsets. A subject specialist is allocated for each set of 6 courses.

Please check this page for the consolidated course catalog for all grades.

Summer School

For credit recovery, the school offers a summer credit recovery program. And take a better path to high school graduation. Electives and World Languages (Spanish, French, and German) allow students to advance their studies over and above the regular schedules. These are half-credit courses. And these credits can be transferred back to the student’s original school transcript. The only drawback is that this option cannot be taken by the student independently. He/she needs to be a part of a group (at least 20 students from the original school), along with a learning coach from the original school’s side.

Fee Structure

[United Arab Emirates Based Students Only]LevelTuition fee
Application Fee: AED 1,000
(Siblings Discount is available)
K-5AED 18,332
Grades 6-8AED 18,332
Grades 9-12AED 25,672
  • Students from other parts of the world need to get in touch with the school authorities to know the fee details. And the siblings/other discounts for other regions (if any). The e-mail id and contact number of their enrollment team are available on this page.
  • You can also check the KHDA Fee fact sheet.

School Highlights:

  • The school follows a mastery level approach to deep learning.
  • For an enhanced learning experience, the school utilizes adaptive technology (for Math and reading remediation courses).

Points to Note Before Applying

The school does share the enrollment process. And the documents required. However, students from other parts of the world (except the UAE) need to discuss all details. As the school’s official website does not have much information in terms of fee and other charges.

Final Thoughts

We can consider iCADEMY as an accredited online school with innovative use of technology. However, the options for part-time enrollment and the transparency regarding non-UAE students do not seem very impressive. It is advised to take up all queries properly and documented the offerings if possible (through an e-mail) if you are not a resident of the UAE.

Connect with the school to know more about its online programs.

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