Why is Schooling Important?

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa has aptly summed up the importance of education in the development of an individual.

School education is the first step in formal education. It is a one-stop solution for all learning needs of an individual. Schooling inculcates basics skills and sharpens the abilities that one needs to possess to be a successful member of society. During formal school education, students interact with peers from different backgrounds and experience aspects of social living. In today’s age and date, digital schooling has succeeded in becoming a viable alternative for traditional schooling.  A best online high school fulfills all the purposes of formal schooling with a host of benefits for students.

School is a miniature model of society

School is a miniature of society. It serves the purpose of creating awareness about the basics of social living. In the process of formal schooling, students learn how to build relationships. They also learn the importance of cooperation and tolerance for a good living environment.  Eventually, students understand their role in society for a greater good.

With this micro-society model progressive school education lays a solid foundation for students to realize the dream of quality living. It helps them to develop individual opinions thereby empowering them to become vocal and communicative individuals before stepping in adulthood. 

Having said that, we should also understand that form school educational system is dynamic in nature. With the changing need of our society, online schools have gradually entered the mainstream educational system as a new alternative. With the use of technology in education, students are now able to use the benefits of online school as an alternative to traditional schools.

It is evident that, the importance of school education cannot be belittled. Traditional forms of education have been serving mankind for ages now. However, fully online K-12 models of education are now filing in the voids within the traditional schooling system.   

The Face of Modern Day Education- Online Schooling

Online schooling has been acknowledged as a flexible alternative for brick-and-mortar school setups. This form of digital schooling allows students to complete school education with the use of internet without traveling to any physical location.

Technology-based education is a blessing for avid students to complete school education within their home settings. This is not all, online schooling has a host of other benefits and supports the idea of universalization of education across the globe.

Flexible instructional delivery and study schedules

We all know that it is imperative to complete school education to enter a decent paying workforce or university level education. However, several students are deprived of school education because of certain living conditions and other factors. Online education offers a resolution for all types of students. Flexible study schedules and instruction delivery models allow students to remain within the mainstream educational system and still finish high school online like their peers in traditional schools. Student-centric online schools allow them to complete their coursework at their own pace. This form of education minimizes the pre-requisites for students and makes quality education more accessible for all students.

High-quality instructions are now available at the fingertips

UNESCO has stated that despite several efforts to realize the goals of formal education, the ‘Minimum Levels of Learning’ are still a concern. As per its estimates over 617 million children and adolescents are not able to reach the expected levels of proficiency in English and Maths. Online education addresses the learning gaps in formal schooling. These platforms create opportunities for students to earn an online high school diploma with the help of high-quality instruction delivery and resources. Students from all nook and corner of the world can now join the educational system of their choice. This helps global students to avail of the blessing of high-quality education without relocating to another place.

A best online high school addresses the unique learning needs of students

Online curricula meet the learning needs of each learner. Technology-based education is based on the idea of cutting the cloth according to the size. It is believed that online education improves educational productivity and supports better learning outcomes. Accessible and high-quality online schooling supports the idea of lifelong learning. Self-directed instructions are the first choice of modern-day learners. Students from all walks of life can enroll in online schools and complete their schooling with enough room for their life commitments. Benefits of online school are open for one and it is believed that this popularity of online schooling will increase in leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Accredited online schools offer legitimate academic credentials

While discussing the importance of formal schooling, we cannot ignore the aspect of legitimate academic credentials. Completion of grade 12th of formal schooling is also synonymous with earning a school completion certificate/diploma. This academic credential is a passport to life and opens up new avenues for future. Online high school diploma programs offered by online schools are a perfect option to complete school education. This academic credential helps students to opt for university admissions or entry-level jobs after school.

Wholesome educational solutions with online schooling

Accredited online schools offer the best possible learning opportunities. Varied course options at online schools help in improving career and college readiness at high school level. Numerous features of online schools like credit recovery, credit transfer, flex, advanced placement, etc. shape up the student’s academic journey and support their holistic development.

Final Words

Futuristic online schools add value to the formal educational system. These platforms set the foundation of schooling and aim at inculcating high-order thinking skills in students. Student-centric online schools are the most flexible choice to finish high school online. Opening up a world of new horizons for all new age-learners like never before!

The face of modern education is Online Schooling. Enrol today in nest online high school.

International Schooling Corporation’s Accreditation Creates a New Opportunity for all Schools and Institutions Globally

August 6, 2020

International Schooling Corporation (ISC) is now offering opportunities to institutions to begin their own accredited online school.

International Schooling Corporation (ISC) is now officially accredited by Cognia, the largest and most prestigious school accreditation organization, which also serves as the common consortium of 40,000 plus accredited schools globally, in the accreditation spheres of 3 US Regional Accreditors, NCA CASI, SACS CASI & NWAC. In a major development on June 18, International Schooling Corporation received its status of ‘Accredited’ from Cognia. ISC provides online schooling options for Grades Pre-K-12 and also offers a number of diploma and certificate courses at the post-secondary level, through its online school. ISC is now ready to offer these benefits of online school through institutions and partners around the world.

“It is a great achievement for us. Now we will be able to create an even more profound positive impact in the lives of learners around the world since we would be able to connect schools and institutions in our network. With that said, it is an even bigger responsibility for us, because in an online school corporation, there are no physical boundaries and what that means is that we have to be prepared to offer the same level of academic quality and excellence to a larger and more diverse set of learners in many more countries. But we are very well prepared to do that. Even during the current pandemic situation, learners from all grades and especially those who are keen to complete their High School Diploma online are approaching us in huge numbers.” said Dr Rob Leveillee, Chief Visionary-International Schooling Corporation (ISC).

With International Schooling Corporation (ISC) now being officially accredited as an online school corporation, there is a new opportunity for all schools and institutions around the world. Irrespective of which country they are located in, they can immediately go ahead and explore the opportunity of joining the network of ISC and beginning their own online school.

“Over the last 5 days, we have already received over 150 inquiries from schools in 37 different countries. We are overwhelmed by the amazing response and are getting back to each of these schools to let them know the way forward. While we have a simple process of granting authorization, we will not be able to authorize each one of them. Moreover, we welcome more schools, colleges, institutions and even organizations to get in touch with us so that we can help them serve learners in their respective countries. The major advantage for schools here is that, once they are granted authorization as a network school of ISC, they don’t have to go through the long and demanding process of securing accreditation on their own; they kind of become accredited from the day we authorize them. So I want to tell all the school leaders that this is your chance to start your own online school by becoming a network school of ISC” Dr Anne Marie-Woolsey, Director of Global Innovation, ISC, says when asked about how ISC’s accreditation opens doors for institutions around the world.

ISC has been serving the interest of learners and parents around the world for a long time now and is widely regarded as one of the most learner-friendly online schooling options. 5 key differentiators of ISC for the learners include:

  • Live Doubt-clearing sessions at no extra fee for all learners in all grade levels
  • One free Personal Counseling session for all learners
  • One free Career Counseling session for all learners
  • 24/7/365 support for learners in all time zones globally
  • Periodic parent-teacher meetings (PTMs)to keep parents informed

It seems ISC is all prepared to handle the new challenges in education and come out victorious. “Our aim is to become the best online school for learners in less than 3 years from now.” Dr Anne-Marie says.

Affordable Quality Education at Primavera Online High School

Educational technology has succeeded in creating an impactful learning environment for the students. As an alternative to conventional institutions, one such credible name in the world of virtual learning is Primavera online high school.

As a leader in online education since 2001, this online school is known for its curriculum quality.

A feature-loaded online school that offers 100% free K-12 education in ‘Arizona’.

What makes Primavera online school the largest high school in Arizona? :

Students who enroll in this virtual school avail a host of benefits.

As a prominent virtual school, this platform uses advanced technology is used to deliver high-quality education.

It supports the education of more than 20,000 avid students covering all K-12 grades.

Students from all races and cultures are equally welcomed at this progressive virtual platform.

This virtual school strictly follows the national and state standards aligned by the governing bodies.

Fully online courses are topped up with the latest elements of multimedia-rich content.

Instructor support at this virtual school is also a standout feature that makes this virtual high school a popular choice amongst students.

Most of the educators employed at this prominent high school are highly qualified in their respective education streams (mostly Master’s degree holders).

Certified counselor support at this school guarantees a smooth educational journey for its students.

Special education is also given utmost importance at this pioneer schooling platform.

It offers adaptive educational strategies and provisions to deliver high-quality education to the students with special needs.

Thereby, students with learning difficulties are also able to meet their educational goals at this platform.

The learning platform of this online school has ease of access to get in touch with the counselor or teachers.

Above all, ‘Cognia’ accreditation makes the academic credentials from Primavera at par with any legitimate diploma awarded by a traditional institution. 

Courses and Enrolment options at Primavera:

Primavera online school is an accredited platform that offers K-12 education via fully online mediums.

Students can choose to opt for a full time, part-time or summer school to earn credits at their own convenience.

Also, students from other institutions can also enroll with Primavera as part-time students. 

By completing just 15 hours of coursework every week, students can earn extra credits at their own pace.

The dual credit program at Primavera empowers the students to earn college credits at school.

Primavera online middle school programs have a variety of courses and engaging course content.

Primavera’s dual credit programs also award credits to students that count in major Universities across the country. 

However, students might need to pay extra tuition fees to avail this option.

360-degree support for students at this pioneer online school also works for students struggling with harsh times of life.

Rio Salado Community College has joined hands with Primavera and now, its college courses are available online. Students from all walks of life can avail the benefit of a college education with Primavera.  

Features of Virtual Classrooms at Primavera:

Virtual classrooms at this online high school are modeled to foster a collaborative learning environment.

Additionally, ease of teacher availability is taken care of to support the learning of the students at all times.

Student’s learning style is given utmost importance in this high school. Customized learning provisions are steps taken to help the students to learn as per their style and liking.

Another big highlight of Primavera online high school is that it has an unparalleled advantage of flexibility for students.

Students who are enrolled at other institutions can also choose to enroll in courses at Primavera. Six weeks courses offered by this school are quite popular amongst students. They get to study 30 lessons with an attendance of only 15 hours. They can choose to study at any location as per their convenience and lifestyle.

Students can get in touch with the instructors within the working days of the school staff members. 

JTED Career Based Options:

‘Joint educational Technological district’ school offers career-based technical programs for the Primavera students in the nearby partner school districts.

This part-time learning option allows its students who have enough high school credits to sharpen their technical skills for a successful career.

14 such JTED’s are operational in Arizona.

Students can get career training for high paying industries such as ‘technology’, ‘health’, and ‘cosmetology’ etc.

Primavera online school has brought all the best educational opportunities under one roof.

Primavera’s pocket-friendly high-quality education is a blessing for the students!

From pre K to college education, nothing is impossible with Primavera online platform!

Get your studies back on track! Keystone credit recovery programs:

Academic credits are a foundation for the future educational pathways. Therefore, the number of credits can make or shatter your dreams of joining the best post-secondary programs. Here, we are going to see how Keystone credit recovery programs are going to make a difference in your life.

USA’s Ministry of education had realized the importance of creating dropout preventive strategies to bring down the numbers of high school dropouts.

The introduction of a credit recovery option was one such strategy to retain students in the mainstream system.

Pioneer online school ‘The Keystone School’, is known for its credit recovery courses.

Students can buy a high school diploma online by enrolling in this school.

Additionally, they can also opt for credit recovery programs.

What makes Keystone’s credit recovery program the best option for struggling students?

Let’s explore the striking unique features of the credit recovery program of this renowned institution:

Who all can opt for this program?

  • Credit recovery option can be availed in grades 6th to 12th with this school.
  • Students who have failed in earning credits can use this opportunity to get back on track.
  • As a second chance, this opportunity can make the students thrive academically, who might have left the mainstream system otherwise.

How to join a credit recovery program:

  • Passing grade discretion lies with the school management.
  • Students who wish to opt for a credit recovery course need to be referred by their school counselor/other officials.

Benefits of the program:

  • Flexibility – Students who join this program can choose to complete their courseware at their own preferred study hours and time.
  • Zero travel requirements – Study can be completed at any location, whatsoever, or even while traveling.
  • Hassle-free submission and evaluation process– Once the students finish the coursework, they can submit it for evaluation. Once it is checked/evaluated, students are given the feedback and the grade followed by the credit (subject to the performance)
  • No Time-based enrolments– Students who wish to join a credit recovery program can join one at any time of the year. This school accepts enrolments around the year.
  • Over 40-course options – Students can choose from a variety of courses available in the course catalog.


Keystone has kept the courseware for middle school in print formats.

However, the same for high schoolers is available in both print and online formats.


One needs to have an operating system and browsers with a device that supports the online curriculum of Keystone. One exception is that the Keystone curriculum cannot be accessed with IPhone and IPad devices.

How does the earned credit count?

Post evaluation, Keystone e-mails the report to the student’s family members, and the guidance counselor.

Prominent benefits of credit recovery programs:

Alternative settings have always proved beneficial for the students. Students who are at-risk or struggle academically, very often take up devastating decisions of dropping out from mainstream education systems.

Providing a second chance to earn credits means saving a huge number of potential drop-out students.

This retention plan is a superb way of managing the academic stress of the young learners.

Credit recovery programs also help the students to continue with their family commitments and yet succeed in earning credits.

Students of lower-income strata groups can be retained to earn credits because, they can do so while addressing the other duties of their family.

Credit recovery options also eliminate the failures arising out of unfortunate ‘chance factors‘.

Students who fail due to harsh circumstances get another chance to prove their caliber which makes them more satisfied academically.

Social prestige is another benefit that credit recovery programs entail. Once the students succeeds in washing out the stigma of ‘FAILURE’ he can be happy and well-adjusted in the society.
It is not possible to buy a high school diploma online for everyone however, the credit recovery option is feasible for one and all.

High-quality educational programs offered by Keystone are accredited options for students.

Similarly, Keystone credit recovery programs are also accredited by Cognia, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Therefore, it stands as a credible solution for the educational needs of modern learners.

A credible solution for academic hurdles, Keystone credit recovery programs is truly a savior for struggling students.

A cost-effective and accredited credit recovery program can realize your dreams of earning credits at your own pace.

Enjoy independent study hours and recover your lost credits conveniently!

The Keystone school had made it possible for you!

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