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We interview students and teachers of every school that we review, to gather their experience and opinions about the school.

Trustworthy Reviews

Now find all the details of K-12 online schools, online degree colleges, and universities at a glance with Valid Education’s informative articles. Distinguish credible institutions from others. Stay safe while realizing your dream of quality education. Know about the most important parameters that institutions must meet to serve your interest. And empower yourself with the most accurate knowledge across the global education industry. Get to the depth of the promises made by online platforms to provide high-quality courses/programs.

Our experts will help you to understand all the realities that lie beneath the promises and offerings of online institutions. So now you can be sure about making the right choice to earn a 100% VALID DEGREE/DIPLOMA/CREDIT.

After reviewing schools, we present you a comparative analysis in various forms, to help you decide your best fit.

Comparisons at a Glance

With too many online educational institutions making identical promises, it can be a tough task for you to compare these perfectly and pick your best fit!

Our information will guide you with authentic facts to shortlist and join the right platform with authentic offerings. We will make it convenient for you to fetch institution-wise accurate statistics. And our experts will also throw light on the points that need your immediate attention before enrolling. Now make use of our platform to discover the ‘TRUE ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE SCHOOLS/COLLEGES’!

We analyze fee structures and payment option, along with financial aid options, to help you evaluate your best schooling option.

Assessed Educational Value

Get the most out of your hard-earned money by gaining the right knowledge before enrolling in an academic course/program. We will help you to scrutinize the actual validity of the degree/diploma/credit earned through an institution. Be sure about the usability of credits and the legitimacy of academic credentials before you invest your hard-earned money and even more valuable time!

Our analysis are accurate and to-the-point, as we procure all our data directly from the source, i.e. the school/institution.

Accuracy Guaranteed

Our core objective is to serve the student and stakeholders with end-to-end solutions. And for this, our experts carry out in-depth analysis before deriving any conclusions. We keep an eye on the recent trends of the industry and keep ourselves updated with related policies as well. Our experts map the offerings of K-12 schools and online degree colleges. And they make use of their expertise to gauge the relevance of the academic credentials awarded post the course/program completion. We cover all aspects like accreditation, cost-effectiveness, credit transfer, high school to college transition, etc. in great detail.

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