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International Schooling: Online School Reviewed by Valid Education

International Schooling is a virtual high school that offers affordable quality online education within the mainstream system. This accredited online school is known for its student-centricity and promises an abundance of benefits to its students.

We already know that online accredited high schools have reached millions of students across the globe. International Schooling accredited by Cognia, is an international online school catering to students from all across the world, with students from more than 100 countries.

The annual revenue growth rate of online institutions is expected to be 12.06% (CAGR 2022-2027)

And the best online high school, International Schooling accelerates the pace of the global online learning movement through its exemplary features.

As a leading online school for K-12 education, International Schooling is dedicated to constantly improving its operational efficiency similar to the top US high schools. In addition, this school is always open to the guidance of experts (from the accrediting agencies), to further enhance their student’s educational experience.

Accreditation & Recognition

International Schooling has earned its accreditation by ‘Cognia’. This means that they have maintained their standards as per the industry norms. And provide a suitable academic setting to suit each type of learner.

International Schooling is accredited by Cognia Global.

Accreditation is important, as it assures students and parents that the academic credentials issued by the school are globally acknowledged and accepted by colleges, universities, and employers.

You can view the school’s accreditation certificate here.

Features and Offerings:

As a holistic schooling option, International Schooling comes in with an array of features for its student and stakeholder community. It offers programs that are well suited for all types of learners. And their curriculum makes education both engaging and challenging for the students.

This K12 online school offers feature-loaded programs for all grades from Kindergarten to 12. It also promises Advanced, honors, and credit recovery options. International Schooling crafts a unique yet simplified solution for both prospective and existing students. It offers two different types of learning programs. They can either opt for group learning or choose a personalized learning program (with 1 to 1 live sessions) as per their liking.

Here’s a quick overview of the key differences between the group and personalized learning options (for all grades):

DetailsGroup Learning PlanPersonalized Learning Plan
Live sessionsIn a group1 to 1
Session Duration60 minutes each50 minutes each
Assignment Submission datesFixedFlexible
Collaborative AssignmentsCompulsoryExempted
Count of counseling sessions (per academic year)2 sessions for students and 2 for parents5 sessions for students and 5 for parents
Enrollment Start DateFixedFlexible
Duration of Academic year42-45 weeks42 weeks
Holidays scheduleFixedFlexible
Comparison Table: Online Learning Programs at International Schooling

International Schooling Fee Structure

This one is certainly one of the best online k12 schools and the most transparent institutions in the virtual schooling industry. It shares a clear picture of the academic program, with the exact number of virtual sessions (with duration) payment amount, part payment options, along with other perks/offerings.

Here’s a fair idea about its plan charges:

GradesGroup learning PlanPersonalized Learning Plan
Elementary – Kindergarten to 5$1,700$2,200
Middle – Grade 6 to 8$2,000$2,600
High School – Grade 9 to 12$3,050$3,700
Payments can be made using a one-time payment option (Advantage plan) or in 3 installments (Easy Plan).

Tuition-free programs with considerably lower fees are also available. Connect with the school to know more about the program details.

Reviews & Testimonials

School Highlights:

• Live Online Sessions & Academic Support

As mentioned in the learning plans (group and personalized) details, this high school online provides a number of live sessions every week for its students. Teachers conduct 4 live sessions of 60 minutes each per week with the students who enroll for group learning (grades Kindergarten to grade 5). Similarly, for the same grades, the ones who opt for a personalized plan are provided 3 live sessions per week. The duration of each session is 50 minutes.

It goes the extra mile through its robust technology to create simple yet highly seamless learning processes. Their advanced Learning Management System simplifies the process such as the delivery of content, tracking progress, documentation, etc.

• Tracking Mechanism for Students & Parents

The school has a strong tracking mechanism like the best high schools in the US

to plan instant remedial action for academic gaps. Their weekly progress reports simplify this task for the stakeholders and even for the students. Some tools like calendars, pace charts, etc. are also provided to the students. In addition, parents can interact with the teachers through on-demand features, provided over and above the regular PTMs.

• Partnership with Discovery Education

Enrolling in International Schooling also brings the advantage of enriching learning through the leading digital content providers. This school partners with Discovery Education and offers world-class content to students in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

• Member School of International Dance Council

As the official member of the International Dance Council (United Nations of Dance), this school is one of the best online accredited high schools. It allows young talent through extra-curricular opportunities.

• Advanced Placement Courses

The school also offers 15 Advanced Placement courses for high school students. Advanced Placement courses provide students with college-level knowledge while still in high school. Students who finish these AP courses earn college credits in advance, which allows for improved job placement prospects in the future.

The fee structure of these courses can be checked along with the course details under the high school courses header on the course catalog page.

• Transition to College

For college preparedness, International Schooling offers extra support. This school is approved by the ‘College Board’. It assists students in achieving college success (including the SAT, Advanced Placement program, and Bigfuture).

The school also supports students with diverse, under-resourced, and underrepresented backgrounds. Deserving students can prove their merit to get Financial Aid for higher education.

Points to Note Before Applying

  1. The school does specify extra support for slow learners. But policies related to inclusivity, enrollment of disabled students (students with physical and/or learning disabilities), and the specific learning support for these students are not mentioned on the school’s official website.
  2. Over and above the regular sessions, any student who needs extra sessions can approach the school management. A few extra sessions are provided for free, but additional sessions are chargeable.
  3. You can contact the school for the exact number of extra live sessions provided to middle and high school students (doubt-clearing, personal counseling, career counseling, etc.).
  4. The school provides a Free Virtual Tour of the school. If you are planning to enroll in the online school, you should definitely take the virtual tour experience before enrolling.

Final Thoughts

Global education through top US high schools and virtual mediums empowers students and stakeholders to take charge of their learning. Most of the features of International Schooling are promising to balance education with other life priorities. You can certainly consider this one to continue your education.

Connect with the school to know more about its online programs. Website:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is International Schooling as good as the other high schools in America?
    As a pioneer institution amongst the top accredited online high schools, International schooling offers all the features of a student-centric school. For students who wish to thrive online, this one is certainly a good choice.
  • Is it possible to complete high school online?
    Yes! With the best online schools like International Schooling, you can complete your schooling just like other high schools in the US.
  • Are the students from International Schooling accepted in colleges like the ones who graduate from top US high schools?
    In the present time, students from k12 online schooling platforms like International Schooling are accepted by major universities and colleges just like other students from traditional schools. Please note that the internal screening process of post-secondary institutions is the same. Any enrollment or selection is subject to many other factors that can be checked with the respective institutions.

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