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British Council English Program: Review by Valid Education

British Council works to develop a wider knowledge of English and to encourage cooperation between the United Kingdom and other nations. It offers various options to learn the English language. And the programs offered cover age groups of kids, teens, and adults. The council has expertise of over 80 years. And it reaches almost 80 million learners a year.

Accreditation and Recognition

The British Council itself accredits organizations as per the eligibility criterion (page 9 in the Accreditation UK Handbook)

Features and Offerings

Through the services offered on this platform, one can learn English, take an exam, study, work abroad, and explore school and teacher resources.

English for Kids and Teens
These spoken English classes help students to develop communication skills and core life skills. Teacher handholding is provided to students.

EnglishScore Tutors Online: a 30-minute introductory session is provided at a nominal charge of 1 euro. Some of the course options are ‘Primary Plus’ (6-11 years) and Secondary Plus (12-17 years) for regular classroom learning (classes every Sunday for 3 hours). Its online courses include activities and exercises for kids and teens, (13 to 17 years old).

The online study option is available through LearnEnglish Kids and LearnEnglish Teens portals.

LearnEnglish Teens (Personal Online Tutoring Option)
For teenagers (13 to 17 years), the portal has 2 additional options. With ‘Personal Online Tutoring’ the first 30-minute session is charged for $1. Students can study online at their own pace, choose their own tutor, and access sessions at any time of the day.

LearnEnglish Teens (Secondary Plus English course)
For the age-groups, 12 to 17 years, another option of the Secondary Plus online course is available. Students can develop English communication skills in groups (an interactive and fun-filled learning environment) supported by expert educators.  

Mobile applications (free of cost)
Phonics Stories, Videos (for video stories), and Premier Skills (Football vocabulary for teens).

Fee Structure

For many courses including the LearnEnglish Kids option, the platform requests additional student-specific information. You can check with them to know the exact fee structure.

The details of Primary Plus and Secondary Plus classroom options are as follows:

CoursePrice per termAnnual Program PriceOther Details
Primary Plus (6-11 years)AED3,600 per termAnnual Program (3 terms): AED9,120

Face-to-face class with extra interactive study opportunities virtually
Annual Program terms:

Term A (September-December) – 42 hours (14 weeks)
Term B (January-March 2023) – 36 hours (12 weeks)
Term C (April-June 2023) – 36 hours (12 weeks)

The option to pay in installments is open when you register for two or more courses
Secondary Plus (12-17 years)AED3,600 per termAnnual Program (3 terms): AED9,120
Program Details: British Council Online Courses

School Highlights

Live online classes (for adults) also offer certificates that include the total number of hours studied and the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level.

Points to Note Before Applying

  • For adults, the levels include Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced. The Beginner and Elementary levels are for general English. While all the intermediate levels are for IELTS preparation. Adults have more options for online courses.
  • For kids and teens, the combination of offline and online formats needs to be checked as per the specific region to know the feasibility of completing the course and attending classes. 

Final Thoughts

British Council is certainly a name that you can bank upon to hone English-speaking skills in all age-groups. You can certainly give it a try if the region-specific requirements are manageable for you.

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