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Florida Virtual School (FLVS): Online School Reviewed by Valid Education

Founded in the year 1997, Florida Virtual School is a leader in the world of online education. The school envisions extending learning beyond physical classrooms. And has managed to build trust across the stakeholder community in that couple of decades. For over 22 years now, this institution is among the ​best online schools. And is the first choice for several families. Through a carefully planned approach and the power of innovative virtual learning tools, this school serves students from Florida and outside.

This world-class platform also provides its award-winning curriculum to private, public, charter, and homeschool families. In this way, FLVS takes its mission of delivering individualized educational plans forward. By now, FLVS has proudly completed 5.1 million semester enrollments since its founding year, 1997.

Accreditation & Recognition

Florida Virtual School fulfills the required quality standards as per the defined norms. It is accredited by Cognia and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. And it’s core course curriculum is approved by NCAA. Even the individual schools under the Florida Virtual School are accredited.  

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is accredited by (SACS CASI)- Cognia.

Accreditation is important, as it assures students and parents that the academic credentials issued by the school are globally acknowledged and accepted by colleges, universities, and employers.

You can view the school’s accreditation certificates here.

Features and Offerings:

Florida Virtual School is among the ​best online k 12 schools. It offers over 190 courses from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

FLVS courses are available with two different options for students. They can choose between flex and full-time courses.

Flex courses allow students to enrich their learning and earn credits through virtual learning options. They can opt for these courses along with their regular school enrollment.

1 to 3 FLVS flex courses can be taken per semester by the students of Florida (public, charter, homeschool and private). However, homeschool students within Florida can support their education by taking up 1 to 6 courses.

Here’s a look at the level-wise course segregation available for students under both Flex and full-time options:

LevelCoursesMobile Friendly
ElementaryCore SpecialsYes
Career and Technical Education
HighCore (Honors available)
Career and Technical Education
Advanced Placement and AP Capstone (college-level courses approved by the college board)

Online Programs – Florida Virtual School

In the academic year, 2021-22 FLVS also offered internationally recognized Cambridge AICE Diploma Program for its full-time students (9th or 10th grade).

Florida and Non-Florida resident criterion

Broadly, FLVS courses are available for students basis their location. Residents of Florida have the option to enroll in flex or full-time options through FLVS. However, for non-Florida residents, online course options are available through their ‘Flexpoint virtual School’.

Flexpoint Virtual School allows students (outside Florida) to learn through its mobile-friendly online courses.

Florida Virtual School Fee Structure

FLVS is among the most affordable high schools in the US. Flex and full-time courses offered to the residents of Florida are free of cost. Hence, parents/caregivers need to meet the basic requirements for any online course.

For residents outside Florida, the option is open to enroll in its Flexpoint Virtual School. But this one has a tuition fee.

Flexpoint Virtual School for Non-Florida residents at a glance:

Global School for Grades K-12
Price per semesterNumber of CoursesLive LessonsDiploma granted by FLVS
Tier 1: $475

Tier 2: $400

Tier 3: $325
1 to 6 courses per semesterOptional and varies by courseNo
School Fee for Non-Florida Residents – FLVS

School Highlights:

• Online Academic Support

All courses provided by FLVS are as good as the ​​top us high schools. These are taught by certified teachers. These teachers undergo training to teach in an online setting. Presently the school has over 2500 online teachers.

FLVS Full time offers live teacher interactions, Three days per week.

FLVS Flex has no stringent rules, But students are recommended to attend the online sessions at least 2 times a week.

For students and parents, there are extra options to communicate with the teachers over and above the live sessions. They can contact teachers through e-mails, messaging, and calls. All new students also get a special welcome call from the teacher after enrolling in a course.

• Regulated Screen Time

To maintain a healthy balance between screen time and offline activities, FLVS full-time courses are created with a mix of these activities (through online and offline projects, etc.). From Kindergarten to Grade 3, students need to spend somewhere around 20 hours a week on the computer. And for Grades 4 to 12, this time increases up to 25 hours in a week.

For elementary-level students, 75% of the time is spent on the computer. And the rest 25% with hands-on activities.

• Advanced Placement Courses

FLVS also offers Advanced Placement and AP Capstone college-level courses approved by College Board to its students. Advanced Placement courses provide students with college-level knowledge while during high school online. Students who finish these AP courses earn college credits in advance, which allows for better higher education opportunities, and improved job placement prospects in the future.

Florida students are not required to pay any fees to take the AP Exam, with the exception of any late test registration costs they may incur.

• Regular Socialization Opportunities

Students get a chance to meet and interact with their peers through online and in-person activities organized by the school. These activities are planned by their full-time staff club advisors.

Acceptance in Colleges

Students who graduate from FLVS are accepted in major universities and colleges. Some of these are:

Colleges and Universities that Accept Graduates from FLVS
Adelphi University, Garden City, NY
Auburn University at Montgomery, Montgomery, AL
Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Pine Bluff, AR
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Florida International University, Miami, FL
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Lee University, Cleveland, TN
Drew University, Madison, NJ
Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL

You can check the complete list of these post-secondary institutions here.

Points to Note Before Applying

  1. Students in Florida can receive tuition-free education through FLVS. However only the ones who meet the graduation requirements earn a State of Florida diploma.
  2. For FLVS flex programs, students do not receive any diploma directly from FLVS.
  3. Students who utilize weekends (such as in most accredited online high schools) to study might face a challenge with the teacher interactions. Their personalized educator support through e-mails, chats, or messages is available only from Monday to Friday.
  4. AP Capstone courses for high school students can be completed in a duration of two years. And students can earn AP Seminar, AP Capstone Diploma, or a Research Certificate from the College Board.
  5. All students who wish to enroll in the courses offered by FLVS must have a device/computer, proper internet connection, a dedicated study space along with the necessary school supplies. Parents can check the minimum system requirements before enrolling.

Final Thoughts

FLVS is an online school that sets the students and their families free from the typical patterns of regular schools. However, if you are looking for transcripts directly through an accredited online school, most of its offerings (other than FLVS full-time) might not suit you. FLVS is a ​​k12 online school that can help you improve your knowledge and enhance your education.

Connect with the school to know more about its online programs. Website: https://www.flvs.net/

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the features of the online high schools in the US?
    The ​be​st schools in United States have student-centric designs, good educator support and believe in stakeholder collaboration.
  • Is FLVS a good choice in comparison to the ​accredited online high schools?
    FLVS is a great choice for students in Florida, as it is free for them. For the ones outside Florida, this school also promises good educational standards and teacher handholding.
  • Is a ​​high school diploma issued by k12 online school like FLVS accepted by colleges?
    Yes! Duly accredited online high schools are legitimate. The academic credentials issued by them are acceptable at the next level of formal education.

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