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Whitmore School is an alternative solution for families that struggle with the typical designs of traditional schools. It was created in the year 1994. And this school is a unique product of a visionary parent who preempted the potential of the internet back in the initial years of digitalization.

This school was created for an exceptional student who struggled to thrive in a traditional school (because of the social environment). Her father then supported her academic journey with the first ever online school in the world, CompuHigh dba Whitmore School.

Accreditation & Recognition

Whitmore School is accredited by NCA-CASI (North Central Association – Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement), SACS-CASI (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Council on Accreditation and School Improvement), and NWAC (Northwest Accreditation Commission). These agencies fall under the umbrella of Cognia.

This school was also voted into the top 10 educational websites in 2017.

Cognia accredited online high school.

Accreditation is important, as it assures students and parents that the academic credentials issued by the school are globally acknowledged and accepted by colleges, universities, and employers.

You can view the school’s accreditation certificate here.

Features and Offerings:

This accredited online school offers the below mentioned programs for students who have completed grade 8. The following programs are only for grades 9 to 12.

Students who opt for full-fledged courses are expected to earn 6 credits in a year. 

Diploma Programs:

  • Diploma Program – A guidance counselor develops a personal graduation plan. Parents receive a weekly progress report through email.
  • Diploma Plus – This program has all the features of diploma program along with the guidance to complete homeschool documentation (as per state). It also has an additional benefit of a monthly progress report by the guidance counselor. An additional credit support course (0.5 credit) is given free of cost. Students also have the direct line phone number of the guidance counselor in this program.
  • Diploma Plus with College Advisor Program – This program has all features of the diploma plus along with an additional hand holding for college admissions. Students can also attend Zoom meetings, access to SAT and ACT locations and tests. They can also attend virtual college tours and open houses.
  • Adult Education Diploma – This program is based on the mastery level learning model. The program allows up to 5 electives for life and career skills.

Individual Courses:

  • Individual Courses – High school courses that can help students earn 0.5 credit. Whitmore School issues a transcript and a final grade. A duration of 1 year is given to the students to complete the course. Before enrolling, students must clarify the acceptance of these credits from their respective schools.
  • Individual Courses Plus – Created for students who are under the age of 14 years but have not completed grade 8th. The ones who have English as a second language must opt for this program. There is an additional feature of sending weekly progress reports. Parents also have the access to interact with the school counselor directly in this program.

Other details:

Honors courses are weighted by 0.5 credits (higher) in the grade point average.

There is no upper age limit to join this school.

Whitmore School Fee Structure

ProgramTotal FeeFee after Discount (Pay in full discount)
Diploma Program$1,699$1,580
Diploma Plus$2,195$2,041
Diploma Plus with College Advisor Program2595 (Per 12 months)$2,413
Adult Education Diploma$1,699$1,580
Individual courses$475NA
Individual courses Plus$525NA
Individual courses with Math Tutoring$974NA
School Fee: Whitmore Online

7 Monthly Payment Plans:

The first part of the payment is to be paid while enrolling. Rest of the parts are to be paid monthly.

ProgramPayment Plans
Diploma Program$499 to be paid on the enrollment date

Rest of the payment parts are for $200 each.  

Diploma Plus$599 to be paid on the enrollment date   Rest of the payment parts are for $266 each
Diploma Plus with College Advisor Program$699 to be paid on the enrollment date   Rest of the payment parts are for
$316 each
Adult Education Diploma$499 to be paid on the enrollment date

Rest of the payment parts are for $200  each
Individual coursesNo Payment plan
Individual courses PlusNo Payment plan
Individual courses with Math TutoringNo Payment plan
Part Payment Plans

An additional Transcript evaluation fee is charged $50. However, it is refunded upon enrollment (in any diploma program)

School Highlights:

• Academic Support

The course at Whitmore School starts with the teacher’s message. Students generally work on three courses at a time. And there is a periodic submission of assignments.

The suggested study pattern is 5 days of studies with 2 days of resting period. However, there is no compulsion to follow this schedule as the courses are self-paced.  

Students can ask their questions. and the teachers respond to these within 24 to 48 business hours.

• Optional Support Resources:

Through their curriculum support affiliates, Whitmore School supports the learning of all enrolled students. It offers special prices for these resources (Everydae and YUP).

Everydae gives them an opportunity to learn through fun game-style challenges. This gamified learning helps them to retain better.

YUP gives instant assistance in Math. Students need to send a picture of the math problem. And they are connected to a personal tutor within minutes. 

Students can purchase a yearly Everydae Curriculum Support ($199). The Everydae Curriculum Support & SAT Prep option can be made even more economical by paying a one-time charge of $299. This option is open only to full-time students. And students can make use of this option for all years enrolled in Whitmore School.

For YUP which is a Stanford University-based tutoring company (for success in math), students need to pay only $499. The regular cost of YUP subscription is $900 per year.

• Tracking & Monitoring for Parents

Parents can keep a track of their child’s learning through the ‘Parent Desk’. They can view the course activity calendar. In addition, they can also connect with the child’s guidance counselor.

• Special Discount on Fees

A special discount of 10% for military, sibling enrollment, first responder i.e. Fire, Police and EMT. Eligible students need to pay full fee to avail this discount. This discount varies from program to program.

Points to Note Before Applying

  1. Students are required to complete their state specific requirements. For example, if a state needs homeschoolers to be registered, the same needs to be done by the parents/students.
  2. If you are looking for NCAA-approved credits, this school does not provide these.
  3. The school does not follow any semester system. Students can opt for 0.5 credits of a course, and complete either of the semester (1st or 2nd).
  4. A regular maintenance activity is scheduled every Saturday night. The school suggests offline work at this time of the week.
  5. If you have transfer credits from elsewhere, you can claim them! Credit transfer is possible from public or private accredited schools.

Final Thoughts

Students who need to earn credits or complete diploma programs can opt for Whitmore School programs. The only fact that complicates the process is the cost of additional resources over and above the regular program cost. There is an ambiguity on the need for extra subscriptions if the teacher support is already there. This almost makes the program like a bundle offer with some partners. This could have been an excellent feature had these resources been incorporated within the main program.

Connect with the school to know more about its online programs. Website: https://www.whitmoreschool.org/

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