Wolsey Hall Oxford Homeschooling

Wolsey Hall Oxford Homeschooling: Review by Valid Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford creates a flexible learning space through homeschooling courses. It is a Cambridge approved online homeschool, and offers Wolsey Hall equivalent, ‘IGCSE’ course to the students with a perfect blend of online and offline resources.

Features and Offerings

Wolsey Hall Oxford Homeschooling Course Options

The growing acceptance of homeschooling is a key factor behind the accelerated growth of home-based schooling alternatives. While the homeschooling programs offered by Wolsey Hall Oxford suffice the purpose of quality school education for all students, this option suits the following student types the most:

  • Gifted
  • The ones with learning or physical disabilities
  • Victims of school violence
  • Belonging to ex-pat families
  • Ill or with medical conditions
  • Artistically inclined
  • Looking for flexible educational patterns
  • Constantly traveling

Homeschooling Courses

Please refer to the tables below for the level-wise course details:

  • Key Stages are as per the English National Curriculum.
LevelAge-GroupCore SubjectsFoundation Subject ChoicesKey Stage
Lower Primary4- 7 yearsEnglish, Mathematics, and ScienceArt and design, Citizenship, Computing, Design and Technology, Languages, Geography, History, Music, and Physical education1
Upper Primary7- 11 years2
Lower Secondary11- 14 years3
LevelAge-GroupCount of SubjectsSubject Choices
IGCSE Homeschooling Courses14- 16 years8 or more subjects over 2 academic yearsBiology, Business Studies, Chemistry
Computer Science, Combined Science
(one IGCSE), Co-ordinated Sciences
(two IGCSEs), Economics English Language, English as a Second
Language, English Literature, Environmental
Management, French, Geography, German, History
Latin, Maths, Maths – Additional, Physics, Psychology, and Spanish

Fee Structure

Parents or students can calculate the course-wise fee through the fee calculator. Both options, full payment or installments are available for IGCSE students. Installments include an initial amount, along with a monthly amount. Discounts (if any) like siblings etc. need to be discussed with the school’s specialized team as these are mostly case specific.

  • An additional registration fee of £75 is charged over and above the course fee.
  • The course fee also includes the charges for books. These books are sent through the ‘Book Purchasing Managers’.  

Homeschooling Programs Highlights

  • For adults, the levelParents can join the Wolsey Hall Facebook group to connect with other homeschooling parents.
  • Students can also participate in competitions and join clubs to socialize with other Wolsey Hall students.  
  • There is a facility for doorstep delivery of textbooks (at the given address).

Noteworthy Points

  • Please check the respective course completion duration before enrolling (mostly it is 9 months).
  • Homeschooling courses are delivered through the Learning platform called ‘Canvas’.  
  • Parents need to spend some time with the students to support their learning (for instance, 4 hours per week for primary parents). You can make use of the study hours calculator to know the exact number of study hours as per level and the number of holidays per week. 
  • There is dedicated support for parents throughout the academic journey. They can seek the help of the ‘Student Progress Manager’ to create the right timetable and seek clarity on any learning-related queries. However, the feasibility of live teacher-led classes (if any) is an open point that needs to be discussed with the school counselors.

Final Thoughts

Educational alternatives like homeschooling and online schooling help students to reach their educational goals outside the boundaries of traditional schooling. You can also choose to be a part of the homeschooling revolution through Wolsey Hall Oxford.

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