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Primavera Online School: Review by Valid Education

For flexible online schooling, Primavera Online School promises to be a great fit. Its award-winning curriculum serves the learning needs of almost 20,000 students throughout the state every year. With the power of digitalization, the entire teaching and learning process in this school is carried out virtually. The only exception is that students need to attend to be physically present for the in-person state-mandated testing (mandatory by the Arizona Department of Education).

Accreditation and Recognition

Primavera Online School is accredited by Cognia. It is also approved by NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) for many Science, Math, English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language courses.

This virtual school is also a member of iNACOL (the International Association for K-12 Online Learning).

School accreditation is important because it ensures students and parents that the academic credentials offered by the institution are recognized and accepted by colleges, universities, and companies/employers.

Features and Offerings:

Here’s a look at the level-wise programs available at Primavera Online School:

Elementary Courses (K-5)
The school offers English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies along with electives. The level includes fundamentals of language concepts for reading and writing. And the focus is on strengthening reading comprehension skills.

Middle School Courses (6-8)
Students who enroll in the middle school grades study English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and electives. The courses aim at helping students to master common core concepts. And the curriculum explains these by presenting problems in different ways.

High School (9-12)
The idea behind imparting quality education at this level is to help students master critical concepts for deep learning.The program includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education along with electives and honors courses. Students need to earn 22 credits to earn the Primavera Online High School Diploma.

ACE Program
To earn college-level credits, students can take up the ACE (Achieving a College Education) program. They can earn up to 24 college credits that can be transferred to Arizona colleges and universities.

Special Education
The Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) offered by this virtual school create great learning opportunities for students with disabilities. The school integrates the best elements of adaptive education and helps these students to thrive academically.    

Fee Structure

Being a public charter school, Primavera Online School is tuition-free. However, like any other tuition-free institution, students need to bear the cost of school supplies or any other miscellaneous expenses over and above the tuition charges.

The dual credit courses offered by this school are not tuition-free. The student needs to check with the school authorities to know the exact fee structure. The Primavera guidance counsellor’s contact details are available on this page.

School Highlights:

  • The school promises an engaging curriculum that is loaded with interactive material. 
  • Its award-winning coursework is created by ‘StrongMind’ (curriculum and technology partner).
  • The school also offers vocational or technical school courses at the high school level (Arizona JTED Program).

Points to Note Before Applying

  • The full-time enrollment option is open only for students who are under the age of 22 years.
  • It is mandatory for Primavera students to participate in state testing.
    Students in grades 3-8 need to take Math and ELA state assessments.
    Students in grades 5, 8, and 11 grades need to take Science assessments.
    Students in grades 9 and 11 need to participate in the ACT assessment.
  • The eligibility criterion to enroll in the ACE program are quite stringent. Please check the list of requirements on this page.
  • Students who graduate from this school earn an accredited Arizona high school diploma.
  • Only the semester students are given the fall and spring break (refer to the school calendar here).
  • Please check the minimum and maximum age limit for free education on the U.S Ministry of Education ‘State Education Practices’ page. 

Final Thoughts

For tuition-free online schooling, Primavera online school can be considered. Some of the school policies and eligibility criteria (like the ACE program) are restricted to only students in special life conditions (like children living with single parents, going through economic hardship, or are teen parents, etc.). If you are able to find all that you need you can consider enrolling in this online school.

Connect with the school to know more about its online programs.

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