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James Madison High School: Online School Reviewed by Valid Education

James Madison high school is committed to provide online academic support to students who wish to take up alternative mediums of learning. Headquartered in Georgia, this institution is one of the top online accredited high schools. It has been a preference for several students. And it has been a part of the education industry since the year 1996.

As the mission statement of the school says, it aims at empowering students to achieve their aspirations through relevant and convenient educational programs.

Let’s explore more about this school,

Accreditation & Recognition

One of the world’s leading accrediting agencies, ‘Cognia’ accredits James Madison High School. Other than this prestigious recognition, it is also accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission. JMHS is both regionally and nationally accredited.

James Madison High School is accredited by Cognia.

Accreditation is important, as it assures students and parents that the academic credentials issued by the school are globally acknowledged and accepted by colleges, universities, and employers.

Features and Offerings:

Like most reputed online schools, JMHS also extends its academic support to students from the following categories:

  • Homeschoolers
  • Athletes
  • Adult learners
  • Traditional students
  • The ones who wish to recover credits
  • Students who need to catch up to a graduating class etc.

This virtual school caters to only the high school age group. It is a renowned name among the high schools in America. And follows a structured approach to help the enrolled students. Broadly, it offers two types of high school diploma courses mentioned as under:

General High School Diploma Programs (23 credits)

This program is ideal for students who look for job advancement, and career training programs. It is also perfect for students who wish to apply to community, technical, or junior college. All in all, there is a feature-loaded program offered by JMHS at par with the top us high schools

JMHS offers 24 courses under the general diploma and career pathways (details in another point below). Other than this, the school also offers 12 electives.

Students can transfer up to 17 credits (eligible credits only) from the previous high school. With this feature, students can save as much as $340 (tuition). They need to submit their transcript within 90 days of enrollment to get it evaluated. The school promises the support of academic advisors and state-certified teachers as well.

Career Pathway Certificate:

Career Pathways certificate is another great feature of JMHS. Students are given an option to earn a career pathway certificate along with their general high school diploma (graduating from high school). They can choose from the 10 certificate courses and prove their job skills (specialized training) through these course electives.

The choices are as good as the best accredited online high schools. The course options are as follows:

  1. Carpentry
  2. Child care
  3. Electrical
  4. Event Planning
  5. Medical Billing and Coding
  6. Medical Office Assisting 
  7. Pharmacy Assisting
  8. Plumbing
  9. Sterile Processing
  10. Veterinary Assisting

College Prep High School Diploma (23 credits)

As the name suggests, College Prep High School Diploma is meant to build a solid foundation for college education. Some students can also opt for this program if they wish to achieve a personal goal during their high school online. Under this program, students can transfer up to 17 credits (eligible ones). And the timeline to submit the transcript is 90 days. Teacher support given in this program is the same as the General High School Programs.

Like other high school online programs, this one too is self-paced and flexible for students. There is an additional option to provide printed textbooks for the students who wish to study through hard copy textbooks. Besides, the program also promises a rigorous standard to prepare students at an advanced level.

The idea behind the best online schools like JMHS is to empower homeschoolers to prepare for college. Hence, this program is designed for in-depth study. With 7 electives and 24 regular courses, this program is ideal to prepare students for the workforce, or even for post-secondary education. Like many other high-quality educational programs, this program also has clearly defined learning objectives. It aims at developing 21st-century skills, so that students are able to demonstrate their understanding and apply their knowledge in the real world. This program also helps them to make use of technology effectively.

High School Courses for Credit

For Credit recovery, JMHS also allows enrollment in a single course. Students can take up to 5 individual courses. and the credit/credits that they earn are transferred back to their school. These are ideal for summer education. And can also be used to enrich homeschooling. Any student (including the ones enrolled in accredited online high schools) who wishes to make up for lost credit can make use of this option.

James Madison High School Fee Structure

General diploma (with e-books) costs $1099 with a full payment option. With monthly payments, the same diploma costs $1599.

For a Career pathways certificate, students need to spend $400 extra (over and above the General High School Diploma fee).

For printed textbooks there is an extra charge of $700 (only in the General and College Prep Diploma Programs)

Through the credit transfer option, students can save up to $340.

School Highlights:

• Academic Support

For educator support, the school has a team of certified teachers. Students can contact these teachers through e-mail or through another option called ‘Ask Your Teacher forum’ (available in each course).

Students can also contact the general academic advisors through e-mails, phones, etc. for understanding of course content. This academic support is available from Monday to Friday 8:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. EST.

Other than these support options, students are also given a dedicated student service system to help them with any administrative questions. This one is available through the ticketing system of JMHS.

• Greater Acceptance for Enrollment

To help students graduate from high schools in America, JMHS also extends a helping hand to other institutions across the US. This accredited high school is open to being referred to any student by their respective school authority. The dedicated school administrator team at JMHS is also supportive of the school administrators/ stakeholders in terms of explaining their course offerings and other features.

• Transition to College

Ashworth College is the parent institution of James Madison High School. This makes students graduating from JMHS eligible for entry into this college. This college too offers online learning programs. Besides, it is also affordable for students.

Acceptance in College

Below are some of the colleges and universities that accept students of James Madison High School. The complete list can be checked here.

Colleges and Universities that Accept Graduates from James
Madison High School

Alabama State University

Americare School of Nursing

Bob Jones University

Dixie State College

Art Institute of Colorado

California State University

Ashworth College

Fairmont State College

Augusta State College

Bessemer State Technical College

Points to Note Before Applying

  1. The school does not cater to primary, and middle grade students. It is only for high school students, aimed to help its students focus on carving their career pathways.
  2. Choosing separate courses is possible, but each single individual course has a separate charge in addition.
  3. Since there are no online sessions/ classes available, some parents might counter as there isn’t much teacher interaction available for students.

Final Thoughts

Graduating from any of the best online schools is certainly an edge to one’s career. A high school diploma is extremely valuable in one’s educational portfolio. The US Ministry of Education shared some interesting statistics. In the year 2020, students who earned a high school diploma earned 23% more than the ones who did not complete high school. This data is an estimate as per the median earnings.

Another similar study conducted by the US Bureau of Statistics disclosed a median salary of $712 weekly for a high school diploma holder. The same was only $520 for the employee with less than a high school diploma qualification. Through JMHS, adult learners who happened to drop out of the mainstream system can also realize their dream of quality education.

James Madison High is a good choice for several types of students across various life circumstances and age groups. Students who wish to prepare for a ‘career pathway’ can make use of this platform. However, we suggest you take a closer look at the teacher support which does not seem to be in the form of regular online sessions/ classes.

In addition, it is better to check with the other online accredited high schools/ colleges for credit transfer acceptance earned through JMHS before you enroll in a course for this purpose.

Connect with the school to know more about its online programs. Website: https://www.jmhs.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between JMHS and other high schools in the US?JMHS is one of the accredited online high schools. It operates virtually. Other traditional high schools in America are physical schools with a brick-and-mortar setup.
  • Is a high school online through JMHS at par with the top US high schools?
    If you are a motivated learner, JMHS high school programs can be a good choice. These are accredited programs. Hence, these will be accepted by post-secondary institutions easily.
  • Are online accredited high schools like JMHS good for career preparation?
    Career preparation through College Prep High School Diploma is a good choice for students. It has an added advantage of academic advisors, and state-certified teachers other than the rigorous courses.


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