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K12 Private Academy: Online School Reviewed by Valid Education

K12 Private Academy (a subsidiary of Stride Learning) is a renowned name in the world of k12 online schooling. It offers online programs for all levels from Kindergarten to grade 12. Students can choose to enroll as per the flexible start dates in the enrollment calendar (updated regularly on their official website).

Accreditation and Recognition

The school is accredited by the following accrediting agencies:

  • Cognia
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI)
  • Virginia Council for Private Education

The be​st schools in United States are accredited by valid accrediting agencies. Accreditation is important as it ensures that the certificates and credentials offered by the institution are acknowledged and accepted by colleges, universities, and employers.

Features and Offerings:

Like most online accredited high schools, K-12 Private Academy offers Kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, and summer school programs.

Here are level-wise details of programs available at K12 Private Academy:


Online Kindergarten program helps young students learn crucial foundational skills. It is available for age groups 5+ (age proof required). At the level of 95%, a topic is considered as ‘mastered’. And to move on in the course, the student must complete 80% to 94% of the course curriculum.

Elementary School

The online program is designed to engage the mind of learners to reinforce concepts well. Four core subjects (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math) need to be covered in each grade. In addition, there is an option to opt for electives. Live class connect sessions are conducted over and above the handholding of the homeroom teacher. The learning coach is expected to spend 4 to 6 hours every day with the child to support learning.

Middle School

For grades 6 to 8, the online program offered by this school creates an engaging educational experience. The core subjects are English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The choice of electives includes Music, Art, World Languages, and Career Exploration. The duration of helping the child with studies is almost 2-4 hours (for the learning coach).

High School

The best online k12 schools are designed to drive student engagement. The school supports academic success and career readiness through educational counseling, intuitive online tools, and community support. Varied course options are available (150 plus core and 40 electives). Parents have access to the child’s progress. And they can intervene as and when it is required. Live class connect is planned every week by teachers. College and career counseling are also offered along with AP and honors courses.

Summer School

For credit recovery, continuation of earning credits, and supplementary classes, summer school programs are offered for students in 9-12. Middle school students can also choose to opt for various summer courses. The summer school calendar can be checked to know the enrollment start dates. Length of summer courses is 20 days or NCAA-approved 90 day-schedule. For Middle school, the duration is 90 days.

Part-Time Courses

Students from Kindergarten to grade 12 can take up either a single or many courses. live classes are provided along with the teacher’s hand holding to complete the course. Upon the successful completion of the course, the student is awarded a certificate. This is used to obtain credit from his/her full-time school (or district). The school offers standard level, Advanced Placement, and Career Prep courses. The fee structure of this school is competitive in comparison with many other high schools in America.

Fee Structure

Full-Time Fee Level-WiseAnnual Tuition FeeSemester Tuition Fee
Elementary School$4,995$3,499
Middle School/Middle School with Stride Career Prep$5,995$3,499
High School/ High School with Stride Career Prep$6,995$3,499
Fee Structure: Full Time Courses
  • High school online students who opt for dual enrollment need to pay an additional administrative fee of $500.
  • Transcript fee for high school students is also chargeable at a nominal fee.
Part-Time Fee Level-WiseAnnual Tuition FeeSemester Tuition Fee
Elementary School$900$450
Middle School$900$450
High School$900$450
Fee Structure: Part Time Courses
  • With the part-time option, students need to pay an additional fee for Stride Career Prep courses ($200 for the first year). 
  • Siblings Discount- offer saves 10% on tuition costs for additional children

School Highlights:

  • Students and parents are supported by teachers like most high schools in the US (known as homeroom teachers at Kindergarten and Elementary levels). These teachers create lesson plans and share these with the learning coach. 
  • Students who enroll in full-time programs may take up to six classes per semester.
  • Stride Career Prep courses can be opted by students in grades 6th to 12 for college and career success.
  • Course catalog for all grades can be checked through this link.

Acceptance in Colleges

By 2019, 869 different colleges and universities accepted graduates from K12 online school. Here’s a list of some examples of colleges and universities that accept graduates from K12 school. For the complete list,  refer to this page.

Colleges and Universities that Accept Graduates from K12 School
Southern New Hampshire University
Liberty University
Ivey Tech Community College – Indianapolis
Kent State University
College of Southern Nevada
Cuyahoga Community College
Arizona State University
Kennesaw State College
Georgia State University – PC Decatur
Lone Star College System
University of Phoenix

Points to Note Before Applying

  • Please check the exact number of live classes offered by the school before enrolling. ​Unlike many other accredited online high schools, the number of classes in part-time courses is not defined clearly. Also, the company has a network of schools operational, do check with them for region-wise allocations, and other school-specific prerequisites

Final Thoughts

If you are motivated to go for online schooling, this option is a good one!

Connect with the school to know more about its online programs, and get in touch with their enrollment consultants through this link.

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