About Us

At ValidEdu.com, our aim is to assist students or parents in finding the right school/college/course. We are passionate about it and our mission is to provide valuable information and options to drive your decisions on the right path.

ValidEdu is led by a group of experts and academicians. The team aims to bring forth extensive and eclectic data distributed all over the internet- drifting between varied public opinions and outcomes and surmising in an arbitrary world- all under one roof. A roof that is build to help, share and shelter.

We believe that with the right knowledge and information, one can make the right decision regarding all ‘Ed’ related alternatives available. ValidEdu, meaning valid education honors its name by bestowing valuable educational information such as names and details of various courses, accreditation institutions, universities and schools and an amalgam of various other factors influencing them. It is a platform of information- like data, documents, procedures, updates, etc- and sharing that information with the ones seeking it. We share, create and educate.

Here at ValidEdu, we understand the importance of receiving the right education at the very first stage. For you or your child to reach the pinnacle, in this very competitive world, we aim to deliver the right information at your fingertips. Ask whatever quivers your mind. School, visa, IELTS, SAT, curriculum, we have all of it covered. ValidEdu is the platform where you can ask and share information. It is the social platform for learners and knowledge seekers. We talk education, we provide information.