4 Bulletproof Ways to Boost Brain Grasping Power in Children

4 Bulletproof Ways to Boost Brain Grasping Power in Children

Brain grasping power helps in understanding and retaining information for a long time. This ability to grasp, understand and retain information contributes to a child’s academic achievements. It also has long-term advantages both in one’s personal life and workspace as well.

We already know that a child’s brain grasping power is closely connected to the level of his/her brain’s development. Studies have revealed that dynamic changes in the structure of one’s brain lead to changes in its cognitive function and brain activity.

So let’s discuss some details about the brain development process before we get started with the ways to improve the brain grasping powers.

The National Library of Medicine, USA conducted research to understand the functions of the brain and its role in psychological functions. The research was meant to understand the critical periods of development. And the importance of genes versus the environment. Here’s a look at some of the top findings:

  1. Brain development starts in the first two weeks after conception.
  2. It continues up to 20 years of age (also called young adulthood).
  3. Genetic control plays a vital role in the prenatal months.
  4. Later environment and other factors (like nutrition, etc.) also affect the development process.  

A child’s systems that involve memory, emotions, and decision making, etc. are constructed in the early years. And other than the genetic factors, some more aspects support the brain functioning to increase memory power in children.

Let’s explore more about this interesting topic starting with the advantages!

The Advantages of having a Good Grasping Power

Good grasping power helps in reducing the time taken to comprehend or understand things. This means that a child with a good level of brain functioning has a sharp brain that receives signals. He/she is capable of processing information meaningfully and even promptly.

At the school level, a child can show better understanding and perform well academically. This ability also makes him/her more confident about learning or trying new things. This might not be the case with children who lack good brain grasping power. This ability is a fantastic support to the brain as it helps in building sound understanding.

It also helps children to implement or apply the learned concepts in real-world contexts/scenarios. Kids who have these abilities grow up as resourceful adults. And as discussed earlier they often end up being productive professionals in the workplace later in adulthood.

Now that we have understood the outline of having these powers, let’s dive in and figure out how we can strengthen these abilities in children.

How to increase grasping power and concentration?

Ways to increase grasping power and concentration

By the age of 6, a child’s brain develops approximately 90% of the adult volume. Hence, these formative years are ideal to support the child’s cognitive abilities and boost the brain’s grasping power.

Good power to grasp is a sign of superb brain ability. As parents/caregivers, we can support the development of this ability through some simple tips and lifestyle changes like these:

  • Physical Activity-
Physical Activity

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physical activity is a wonderful way of improving one’s cognitive health. It helps an individual to think. And creates a better emotional balance by reducing anxiety and depression. Help your child to stay active and involved throughout the day. And encourage fun-filled activities that can boost both the mood and the brain’s grasping power.

Simple activities like dancing, yoga, meditation, games, skipping, gardening or walking in the park, etc. can do wonders for the child. It will help him/her avoid inactivity due to a sedentary lifestyle. Eventually, the child will be able to develop sound physical and mental health. Another great idea is to involve the child in simple household chores. Your child can learn to be an active contributor to the family. And also develop empathy by learning to be a helping hand at home (facts confirmed by journals).

  • Selection of school –

Your child can also improve memory power by thriving in the right learning atmosphere. A good online school or a traditional institution can support you in this endeavor in a number of ways. We have already discussed the importance of staying physically active.

And once again, the school plays a role here in aligning these activities to boost brain health. Proper break planning, an encouraging atmosphere are some other advantages that can help you. So select the right schooling platform. And help your child to unleash his/her true potential. 

  • Playing Video Games
students playing video game to reduce stress

Gaming is also called a fun learning tool that can help the child to improve brain power. It is a wonderful way to improve one’s cognitive flexibility. And also supports one’s creative thinking abilities. Scientists from Queen Mary University of London and University College London have proved that some video games can boost brain power. In addition, these fun learning tools are also a great way of improving a child’s multitasking abilities.

  • Reaching Developmental Milestones

Globally, almost 200 million children do not reach their developmental milestones. This hampers their cognitive development. And they do not discover the highest level of their brain’s potential. Children who encounter negative influences in the initial stages of their lives are at risk of missing these milestones. Because issues like poverty, nutrition, care, and the environment deprive them of the chance to develop holistically in these critical years.

Do you know that ‘Hunger’ is a common problem around the world?

World hunger leas to decrease in brain grasping power

In 2020, the number of malnourished people worldwide increased for the sixth year in a row to a medium projection of around 768 million. At the high estimate of 828 million, 10 percent of the world population would have been affected by hunger in 2021.

For students, brain grasping power is quite important while studying. Let’s understand how to help the child develop this ability for better academic success.

How to increase Brain power while studying?

Simple tips can help your child to increase the grasping power while studying:

  • Follow schedules-

The most brilliant way of improving brain power while studying is to plan the study time well. There should be a right balance between study load and breaks. Along with some buffer time for recreation/activities or socialization. Trying to study for too long or too little are both bad ideas for any child. So help your child to structure study schedules in a way that promotes learning without creating any academic burden.

  • Food Intake and sleep-
healthy food to increase brain power

This might sound outdated, but remains one of the primary reasons why children lack brain power. Too much snacking on junk food, irregular meal times, and poor sleep schedules are signs of a poor routine and deplete the brain’s power. Encourage your child to stick to healthy and periodic meals. And make sure the food is good enough for physical and brain health. You can choose natural food sources, and wholesome meal choices to help your child in getting all the key nutrients that promote brain development.

  • Managing Pace-

Another aspect that can have a make-or-break effect on the child’s brain power is the pace of learning. Too much speed or a hurried pace can defeat the actual purpose of studying.

At times, children tend to procrastinate on work/studies. And the load gets piled up. This unmanageable load reduces the power to grasp concepts. As a result, the child learns just for scores and fails to grasp and retain information well.

By far, we have discussed the ways to increase mind power

Let’s take a quick recap and refresh the information in another go:

  • Physical activity has a big role to play when it comes to boosting brain power.
  • Periodic breaks and study planning can help the child to learn better.
  • Food quality should be up to the mark to help in brain development throughout the crucial years.
  • Sleep cycle should be managed.
  • Learning in a hurry or piling up too much work reduces the mental capacity to grasp better.

Now that we know much about how to increase grasping power of child, here’s a quick list of some more things that we must keep in mind:

  • Socializing helps in optimizing brain functioning. And it also improves the human brain’s performance.
  • A slight change in routines can bring more vitality and novelty to everyday tasks that might seem mundane to many kids.
  • Creativity and hobbies boost the child’s cognitive abilities.
  • Surprises and outings are also wonderful to achieve the desired results.
  • Keep your child away from negative encounters. And try to facilitate learning in a stress-free learning environment.
  • Build relationships that are strong and dependable to support emotional development.
  • Do not neglect the aspects of holistic development by focusing only on one or some domains of development.

Concluding Words:

As parents/caregivers, we have every right to design the right methodology that goes well with the child. You can mix and match all the relevant tips and curate a plan to support your child’s upbringing and boost his/her mind grasping power.

Try out these tips and witness the joy of unlocking the ultimate potential of the unmatched human brain power in your child!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the role of a balanced diet to boost children’s brain grasping power?
    A balanced diet is one of the most important aspects to support brain development and sharpen memory. Without a balanced diet, opportunities to rejuvenate the body, and planning sleep cycles, you cannot expect the child’s mind and body to reach its highest potential.
  • What is the biggest hindrance to boost brain power?
    Sedentary lifestyle, unpleasant experiences in childhood, poor emotional regulation, and an ill-managed lifestyle, etc. can be some common barriers to boosting a child’s brain power. 
  • How can we support brain development in the early years of a child’s life?
    Always try to make learning fun for the child. Encourage creativity and allow opportunities to experiment with new things. Let the child follow his/her passions. And do not force the child to take up things that he/she finds uninteresting.
  • Which food increase brain power
    Top 10 Foods that increase brain powers are listed below
    1. Fish
    2. Coffee
    3. Blueberries
    4. Broccoli
    5. Pumpkin seed
    6. Turmeric
    7. Dark Chocolate
    8. Nuts
    9. Oranges
    10. Eggs

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