Promises and Pitfalls of Online Education

Online education has proved its effectiveness in terms of improving the educational quality and learning experiences. It has well served the student community during the pandemic. And to date, it continues to provide the best quality content that suits the learning needs of students. From the best-in-class instructional delivery to the superb monitoring mechanisms, this choice is a perfect alternative […]

How Design Thinking is an integral part of Online Schooling?

Design thinking is the ability to come up with innovative solutions to a problem. It is a solution-based approach that helps in deriving creative solutions for a given scenario. Today, the world’s top leading brands utilize this approach to carry out effective market researches. Because it helps them to gauge the reasons behind the popularity of certain products. And they […]

​How Do Online Schools Work?

Technology has changed the ways of teaching, learning, and connecting with others. And it has also transformed the regular classroom beyond the typical walled structures of brick-and-mortar schools. An online school helps the student to design his/her school day within the comforts of home. Let’s discuss more about this new format and understand how these schools work. The Learning Management […]

​Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning is opening a world of knowledge to help students and professionals prosper in their academic life and the workforce. This booming trend has altered the ways of teaching and learning. And online institutions are offering the best of both worlds to students across all age groups. With this new normal, students get the handholding of expert teachers for […]