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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses and Certifications

With cut-throat competition in each and every field, inventions in technology have given way to budding professions. Artificial Intelligence has opened a lot of career opportunities not only for students but for working professionals who want to hone their existing skills. Here are the best Artificial Intelligence courses you must consider enrolling into.

1. Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Certification by Stanford University

Machine Learning has become one of the most desired courses in Artificial Intelligence amongst all of the artificial intelligence learners. The course is created by Andrew Ng, Professor at Stanford University. The highlights of the program include creating a basic understanding of parametric and non- parametric algorithms, clustering and dimensionality reduction. The course also offers real-world based case studies to fathom how problems are solved on a daily basis, in the real world.

2. Artificial Intelligence Nanodegrees

The technology of the future, artificial intelligence, is one of the fastest-growing and most promising technologies of this time. For making a career in AI, Udacity is offering the school of AI program that will provide you insights into the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The concepts are an introduction to AI products, Annotating datasets, Training ML models, Machine Learning and Deep Learning making it one of the trending and best Artificial Intelligence courses

3. Deep Learning

In association with Stanford Professors and Nvidia as industry partners, one of the most profound instructors of Deep Learning, Andrew Ng himself will be teaching the subject to the learners who are interested in this course.  In this certification course, you will learn about the foundations of Deep Learning, how to build neural networks and machine learning projects. Sign language reading, music generation and natural language processing will also be a part of this lucrative course. Along with all the theory, you will also be taught to implement these concepts in Python and TensorFlow.

4. Artificial Intelligence certification by Columbia University

The course aims to provide you expertise in one of the fastest-growing areas of Computer Science. The fundamental concepts of AI, machine learning and its applications are covered in this course. The skills gathered can be applied in the fields of Robotics, vision and physical simulations.

5. Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

Artificial Intelligence, one of the most diverse and complex courses in technology can now be learned with this course offered by none other than Andrew Ng. You will get to learn the primitive crucial technologies, what you can and cannot do with AI, machine learning and data science projects. This lesson does not require any previous learning and hence can be undertaken by anyone.

6. Microsoft Professional certification in Artificial Intelligence

For building deep learning productive models of AI, this is one perfect course to hop on. In this course, you will be learning to use Python to work with the data and go through the ethical practices in AI. The program is briefly divided into 9 courses along with tips, techniques and assessments.

7. TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence

For all the software developers out there, this course is one of the best Artificial Intelligence courses to further build your skills. This course aims at helping you to implement the foundational principles of machine learning and deep learning using TensorFlow, to solve the real-world problems. Therefore, having a basic understanding in Python is a prerequisite for applying for this course. Computer vision applications can be built upon completion of this course.

8. AI from ML experts at Google

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the fastest growing courses in today’s era. This course will help you, with its relevant information and exercises, to develop your skills in the field of AI. Project-oriented featured resources and a vast collection of tools will provide you with the right knowledge and information to excel in the field of AI.

9. Advanced AI tutorial: Deep reinforcement learning in Python

Over 10,000 students have taken up this program so far and the teaching methods are well praised by these learners. This course is a comprehensive guide to Mastering AI using Neural Networks. Using advanced reinforcement learning algorithms for a variety of problems, you will be getting an insight into RBF networks and Convolutional Neural Networks with Deep-Q learning.

10. Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learn how to build AI

This elucidative course is designed to teach you the concepts of AI from the beginning. Thus, no previous experience is required for this program and anyone can get enrolled in this. You will be learning how to code self-improving AI for a range of purposes. The concepts covered include deep convolution Q-Learning, the theory behind Artificial Intelligence, and many more. Upon completion, you will be able to optimize your AI solution and build a virtual self-driving car and optimize it.

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