Parents in the Middle Eastern countries have embraced EdTech’s innovative and promising educational alternatives wholeheartedly. And the past couple of years have seen a stupendous growth of the E-Learning industry.

This piece of information aims at acquainting you with the prospects and advantages of online schooling in the Middle East. Read further to know the best option for online schooling in the UAE.

What is online school?

Online/virtual/digital schooling is a newer form of school education that is carried out through 100% ONLINE medium. A student gets access to the academic content/resources/modules/lessons through the online learning portal. And also attends real-time synchronous classes conducted by online educators.

Online schooling

Assessments, grading, and supervision are thoroughly completed online. And the virtual school issues a diploma/certificate after the completion of the entire academic program.

Requirements to join a virtual schooling platform

For online schooling, you need an internet connection, a device, and an online education provider (which is the same as an online school).

Potential advantages of joining a virtual school

With digital schooling, you can break free from the hectic schedules of regular schooling. This educational option brings in a sigh of relief for both parents and students across all grades and levels. It is now possible to create your own study schedule, cover-up coursework at odd hours, and use the weekends more productively.

There is absolutely no hindrance like time, location, or pace of studying. Because virtual education is 100% customizable and flexible as per your lifestyle and learning preferences. Another aspect that makes virtual education a better pick in this ‘Information Age’ is the wide variety of course options available through these visionary platforms. Digital schooling is also more cost-effective as it annuls the miscellaneous charges of transportation, physical study material, and numerous hidden costs levied by traditional schools.

How is an online school different from homeschooling?


Why do find online schooling better than homeschooling?

With homeschooling, parents lead their child’s schooling and carry out all the necessary tasks on their own. They select/purchase a curriculum as per their own understanding and teach the child in their self-regulated study space.

On the other hand, online schooling covers the gaps of professional handholding in typical parent-led homeschooling. It simplifies the tedious task of selecting curriculum, cascading information, and gauging progress through its structured setup. It eliminates the challenges of regular schooling. And creates a safe, personalized, and convenient learning environment right within the home settings of the student.
With online schooling, students enjoy the benefits of homeschooling. And yet stays free from the voids of traditional schooling.

Schooling amidst the pandemic threats

Middle eastern countries are still combating the threats of the deadly virus. The World Health Organization’s regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean Region has raised an alarm of a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases (as of 13th July’2021). The growing number of cases in Libya, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, and Tunisia. Lebanon and Morocco have once again reiterated the importance of the safety of our young learners in this duration. School reopening is a challenging task. As there is a constant need to follow the COVID precautions constantly within physical schools. Stakeholders are constantly striving hard to maintain this balance of safety and quality education. But the fact is that the threats still hover around the kids in traditional schools.

Leading journals have acknowledged the growing preference for online education amongst students and parents. And the pandemic threats are a major cause of this paradigm shift in the mindset of the masses.

Who all are eligible to join an online school?

Virtual platforms are quite similar to regular schools when it comes to accepting students. Prospective students who fall in the valid age groups (as per the level). And have legitimate transcripts/report cards/proof of academic accomplishments can start with the enrollment process in online schools.

At the same time, parents can discuss exceptions, special provisions, or any other conditions at the time of enrollment and check the feasibility of joining the institution.

If you are an expat?

Expats families rightly prefer flexible virtual schooling for their child. This saves them from the loss of any productive time due to the crunch of mid-academic year enrollments. This option also sets them free from the hassles of chalking out balance amidst the various curriculums, school eligibility criteria. And save the child from the dreaded new school blues.

Is online schooling legal in the UAE?

Middle Eastern countries have witnessed the paradigm shift to virtual schooling during the global pandemic. And its governing bodies have made all the necessary provisions to embrace this new change. The Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates, accepts educational platforms from outside the UAE through its distance-learning (online learning) certificate regulation.

Under the ‘Equivalency Requirements of Distance-learning Certificates’, the Ministry states that any certificate issues by an educational institution recognized by a competent government are fully legitimate. And it specifically mentions the legitimacy of accredited courses in the host country. Hence, in UAE you have the option of joining the top digital school without the apprehension of ‘legal’ aspects.

How to choose an online school for your child in the Middle East?

Virtual schooling is free from location and time limitations. Students can enroll in an online school and complete school education without the need to relocate elsewhere.

You can visit the official website of a digital schooling platform, book a virtual school tour and follow the enrollment process as per the respective school policies. Virtual high schools accept valid academic report cards and enrollment is subject to the eligibility criterion (like age, performance) of the school.

Prospects of digital schooling in the Middle Eastern countries
Virtual schooling is picking up pace in the Middle East!

61.45% of students in the UAE are already in favor of online education. And the numbers are expected to increase in leaps and bounds in the years to come.

Join the online learning movement now and secure the most valued schooling credential for your child now!
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