Way back in 2006, Stanford online high school was founded at Stanford University.

Since then this part of ‘Stanford University’ has left no stones unturned to create unique learning opportunities.

Innovative pedagogies at this virtual platform challenged the age-old teaching methods of brick-and-mortar institutions. Therefore, becoming a successful alternative to traditional schooling.

This platform also proudly holds the title of being the ‘first independent high school’ in the USA. And is certainly one of the best online schools.

Unmatched educational experience at SOHS:

Prominent accrediting agency, ‘Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ (WASC) has accredited this online high school.

As a mark of educational excellence, this online high school provides university-level communication at the school level.  

As a result, it helps in bridging the gap between postsecondary education and school education just like the top US high schools

This remarkable institution also believes in the inculcation of practical new-age high order thinking skills. Students who pass out from SOHS are critical thinkers and possess a greater skill for problem-solving.

Instructor support at SOHS is also a pillar of support for the students.

Highly qualified instructors raise the bar of teaching and learning and present a model for other educational institutions.

Stanford online courses offerings:

Stanford virtual school has something in store for every learner; carefully planned flexible online programs are available for gifted students, pre-college student strata, and curious learners.

Broadly, SOHS is not a full-fledged K12 online school. Because it offers online education for grades 6th to 12th.

Enrolment is offered in a single course, part-time and full-time options.

Its full-time enrolment option has an added advantage of college counseling.

Also, its course selection policies are highly transparent and self-explanatory in nature.

Guidance and Support System:

SOHS is one of the best online accredited high schools. And it believes in the handholding for its students at every step. Therefore, it has the feasibility of academic and non-academic counseling/guidance

Students can seek advice related to their academic goals and can also discuss their emotional issues.

For every domain of the human personality students at SOHS need not look outside for help. Support is readily available within the virtual campus of the school as per their needs and abilities of the student.

The panel of support advisors at SOHS also helps the students to select courses and track their progress to ensure that they thrive academically.

Additional counselor support also helps in the holistic development of the young learners.

Exposure for Students:

Students at SOHS are given several chances to be vocal and interactive.

Student-driven assemblies, clubs, meet-ups provide opportunities to collaborate with others to make the most of the features of top accredited online high schools.

Extracurricular activities at SOHS such as in-person events and gatherings are also brilliant opportunities for social development and peer interaction.

Tuition Fee:

Enrollment TypeTuition for an Academic Year
Full-Time Enrollment (4 or more courses)$29,850
Part-Time Enrollment (2–3 courses)$17,910
A Single Course $5,970

Acceptance in Colleges

Any student graduating from Stanford Online High School is accepted into prestigious post-secondary institutions. Please find below some of the colleges/universities that have accepted their students. A detailed list of these post-secondary institutions is available on this page.

Colleges and Universities that Accept Graduates from Stanford Online High School
Howard University
Rutgers University-Newark
Yale University
Wheaton College
Pitzer College
Vanderbilt University
Ohio University
University of Toronto
Neumont College of Computer Science
University of South Florida

Another feather in the cap:

Stanford online high school has also received additional accreditation from the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). This makes it one of the best high school online institutions.

What makes SOHS different from its competitors?

A highly supportive study environment at SOHS supports the development of the student’s cognition at another level.

Being a visionary online platform, SOHS enshrines the values of ‘Lifelong learning’ acknowledged by other prominent agencies of the world.

Learning environment and special opportunities:

Stanford’s online curriculum is at par with any of the online accredited high schools. It is known for its exceptional standard which prepares the students for today’s dynamic learning environment

Apart from academic excellence this virtual school also believes in challenging the mental faculties of the students to bring out the best in them.

Students at Stanford do not hesitate in taking risks and possess highly developed analytical reasoning power.

Apart from the academic opportunities, online events organized by SOHS are excellent opportunities for the students to come together.

Further, it also celebrates the accomplishments of the students in its Graduation weekends.

Stanford OHS students get the best out of its virtual campus.

The Stanford effect is as good as the high schools in the US. And it can certainly make a student achieve extraordinary academic heights!

Stanford online courses are an ideal solution for high-quality fully loaded bundled education!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Stanford Online High School good to complete high school online?
    Yes, you can choose Stanford Online High School for a learning experience that is at par with other top us high schools.
  • I want to enroll my child in SOHS k12 online schooling, how can I go about it?
    SOHS is not available for students below grade 6. You can check all the details of the school, connect with them for additional questions and enroll your child if he/she falls under the age brackets of grades 6th to 12th.
  • Are all online and traditional high schools in the US equally legitimate?
    No, any school be it traditional or online can be considered legitimate only if it is accredited properly by a valid accrediting agency. Failing which, there is no credibility of any school whatsoever.

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