Academic credits are a foundation for the future educational pathways. Therefore, the number of credits can make or shatter your dreams of joining the best post-secondary programs. Here, we are going to see how Keystone credit recovery programs are going to make a difference in your life.

USA’s Ministry of education had realized the importance of creating dropout preventive strategies to bring down the numbers of high school dropouts.

The introduction of a credit recovery option was one such strategy to retain students in the mainstream system.

Pioneer online school ‘The Keystone School’, is known for its credit recovery courses.

Students can buy a high school diploma online by enrolling in this school.

Additionally, they can also opt for credit recovery programs.

What makes Keystone’s credit recovery program the best option for struggling students?

Let’s explore the striking unique features of the credit recovery program of this renowned institution:

Who all can opt for this program?

  • Credit recovery option can be availed in grades 6th to 12th with this school.
  • Students who have failed in earning credits can use this opportunity to get back on track.
  • As a second chance, this opportunity can make the students thrive academically, who might have left the mainstream system otherwise.

How to join a credit recovery program:

  • Passing grade discretion lies with the school management.
  • Students who wish to opt for a credit recovery course need to be referred by their school counselor/other officials.

Benefits of the program:

  • Flexibility – Students who join this program can choose to complete their courseware at their own preferred study hours and time.
  • Zero travel requirements – Study can be completed at any location, whatsoever, or even while traveling.
  • Hassle-free submission and evaluation process– Once the students finish the coursework, they can submit it for evaluation. Once it is checked/evaluated, students are given the feedback and the grade followed by the credit (subject to the performance)
  • No Time-based enrolments– Students who wish to join a credit recovery program can join one at any time of the year. This school accepts enrolments around the year.
  • Over 40-course options – Students can choose from a variety of courses available in the course catalog.


Keystone has kept the courseware for middle school in print formats.

However, the same for high schoolers is available in both print and online formats.


One needs to have an operating system and browsers with a device that supports the online curriculum of Keystone. One exception is that the Keystone curriculum cannot be accessed with IPhone and IPad devices.

How does the earned credit count?

Post evaluation, Keystone e-mails the report to the student’s family members, and the guidance counselor.

Prominent benefits of credit recovery programs:

Alternative settings have always proved beneficial for the students. Students who are at-risk or struggle academically, very often take up devastating decisions of dropping out from mainstream education systems.

Providing a second chance to earn credits means saving a huge number of potential drop-out students.

This retention plan is a superb way of managing the academic stress of the young learners.

Credit recovery programs also help the students to continue with their family commitments and yet succeed in earning credits.

Students of lower-income strata groups can be retained to earn credits because, they can do so while addressing the other duties of their family.

Credit recovery options also eliminate the failures arising out of unfortunate ‘chance factors‘.

Students who fail due to harsh circumstances get another chance to prove their caliber which makes them more satisfied academically.

Social prestige is another benefit that credit recovery programs entail. Once the students succeeds in washing out the stigma of ‘FAILURE’ he can be happy and well-adjusted in the society.
It is not possible to buy a high school diploma online for everyone however, the credit recovery option is feasible for one and all.

High-quality educational programs offered by Keystone are accredited options for students.

Similarly, Keystone credit recovery programs are also accredited by Cognia, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Therefore, it stands as a credible solution for the educational needs of modern learners.

A credible solution for academic hurdles, Keystone credit recovery programs is truly a savior for struggling students.

A cost-effective and accredited credit recovery program can realize your dreams of earning credits at your own pace.

Enjoy independent study hours and recover your lost credits conveniently!

The Keystone school had made it possible for you!

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