Benefits of eLearning platforms during the pandemic

Benefits of eLearning

Best-quality education is the right of every child. However, the learning needs still vary from student to student. The idea of universal inclusion is recognized as a base for the diverse education system. Unfortunately, quality education is still out of reach for many students. The recent pandemic shutdowns and other barriers to learning have reiterated the benefits of eLearning.

As quality education remains a far-fetched dream for millions of students, issues like pandemics which cause disruption and hinder the path of quality education affect a major population of kids who are out of school, drop-outs, disabled, and disadvantaged.

In this digital age, a virtual high school is a ray of hope for several students

Online schooling is accessible from all parts of the world – To realize the aim of quality education for all, online schooling is great support. Students who cannot study in traditional schools can opt for online schools and continue their education. Fully online K-12 schools are accredited by legitimate agencies. These accredited schools serve the student strata from all parts of the world making best-quality education accessible for all. With online schooling, a student can stay at home and plan a study schedule as per his/her life priorities. Flexible structures of online schooling can be modified as per the other responsibilities and activities of one’s life. This way online schooling can serve such students well.

Removes barriers to learning – Online schooling helps in eliminating the learning barriers. Students from war-affected areas, marginalized groups, physical and learning disabilities, etc. can all accommodate in an online learning environment well. The benefits of eLearning can be availed by all students irrespective of their physical or life conditions. Student-centric online schooling helps in realizing the dream of education for many such disadvantaged students. Barriers to learning can no longer hinder the student’s education with affordable and accessible online schooling. The designs of an online school are created in a manner that meets the unique learning needs of all types of students. Online schooling helps in maximum inclusion with its student-centric learning models.

Meets the diverse learning needs of students- As per researchers and psychologists, learning styles and intelligence types are different in individuals. Student-centric online schools meet the learning needs of all types of students. Flexible and self-paced study schedules of online schools fit in the lifestyle of each student. Online content is designed in a manner that it suits all learning styles and intelligence type equally.  When it comes to the benefits of eLearning, this aspect is quite reassuring for learners and their families. Positive learning experiences in an online learning environment help each learner to excel academically at his/her own pace.

Effective online teaching pedagogies help all students to excel- Online education offers a mix of best teaching pedagogies. Experienced online teachers use a variety of these online teaching pedagogies to help online students excel in their educational journey. Researched online curricula helps each student to improve his/her knowledge base with an online repository. These schools have succeeded in creating classroom settings outside the physical infrastructure of traditional schools. A virtual high school leaves no stones unturned to create happy and enriched learning experiences for students.

Secure learning experience- Studies have shown that disabled and disadvantaged students are more prone to school violence and harassment. Such students can thrive in a secure online learning environment easily. They can be free from threats and enjoy their educational journey. Issues of traveling to different locations and discomfort due to peers are totally rooted out with the help of online schooling. In order to realize the dream of quality education for all, this aspect cannot be ignored. Students from lower-income groups also get ostracized at times within the structure of traditional schools. These students can also avail the benefits of eLearning and experience high-quality education at their doorstep. While traditional schools struggle to meet the varied learning needs of such students, online schooling comes in as a credible solution. Students who have unique needs find great educational choices with online schooling. Accredited online schools also offer a variety of career-based courses that can help such students to join entry-level jobs at the post-secondary level. They can enjoy their financial independence in this way.

Brings in school education at homeOnline homeschooling is a great blessing of technology that extends learning space to the home settings of avid students across the world. Students from all walks of life can now be at home and complete their education as per their convenience. Students with disabilities and victims of gender bios etc. can make the most of these educational opportunities created by an accredited online school. With online schooling, a student need not travel to any location. He/she can simply stay at home and still graduate on time by using the benefits of eLearning

Diverse online classrooms are a solution to several issues Inclusive possibilities in online learning is a great advantage of modern-day technology. High-quality online resources can be availed within the comforts of one’s home. An innovative and diverse online learning environment is a guaranteed solution for each learner. In today’s age and date, the educational resources available on online platforms are much better than those of a traditional school. These enriched educational resources are also one of the online school benefits.

Final words:

Online schooling opens a world of opportunities for students with different educational needs. In an online learning environment, a student can meet educational goals and enjoy his learning experience fully. An accredited online school is a boon for students in this age of digitalization. It is rightly believed that the benefits of eLearning are ideal to support the age-old dream of universal inclusion and quality education for all!

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